After the Ticket Launch

All seats are sold out as of 9/30/18.

The official 2018 ticket launch was Monday August 27th at omt Divine Women's Resale, 1725 Van Dorn, Lincoln.  We've been selling seats since then.

Please e-mail me if you want to be on a waiting list for any available seats, and are willing to pay ASAP if notified that seats are available.  E-mail: .

Deluxe Motor Coach or Standard Bus?

Different rides, different dates.

Deluxe Motor Coach  (A/C, bigger individual seats, big windows, more comfortable ride,  easier to enter and exit, bathroom on board).  All deluxe motor coaches  will have 50 regular seats, except October 22nd and 23rd.  October 22nd  and 23rd will have 42 regular seats and 2 wheel chair positions for each  bus.  We reserve the right to modify the seating on those two coaches  if no wheel chair position tickets are sold at the ticket launch.  Deluxe Motor Coach, $23 per seat plus $1.67 tax = $24.67.

Standard Passenger Bus
(A/C, bench seats, not wheel chair accessible). $16 per seat plus $1.16 = $17.16.  Seats 50. 

The Tour Dates and Remaining Seats

9/30/18, all available seats on the entire Ghosts of Lincoln bus tours are SOLD OUT.

The October 2018 Deluxe Motor Coach dates (as of 9/30/18):

Tuesday 10/2.  Sold out.
Wednesday 10/3.  Sold out.
Thursday 10/4.  Sold out.
Tuesday 10/9.  Sold out.
Wednesday 10/10.  Sold out.
Thursday 10/11.  Sold out.
Tuesday 10/16.  Sold out.
Wednesday 10/17.  Sold out.
Thursday 10/18.  Sold out.
Sunday 10/21 (daylight tour, boards at 1:45 pm).  Sold out.
Monday 10/22, both wheel chair positions and all regular seats -  Sold out.
Tuesday 10/23, both wheel chair position and all regular seats - Sold out.
Wednesday 10/24.  Sold out.
Tuesday 10/30.  Sold out.

The October Standard Passenger Bus dates (as of 9/30/18):

Friday 10/5.  Sold out.
Friday 10/12.  Sold out.
Friday 10/19.  Sold out.
Thursday 10/25.  Sold out.
Friday 10/26.  Sold out.
Monday 10/29.  Sold out.

How To Purchase Seats

Deluxe Motor Coach, $23 per seat plus $1.67 tax = $24.67.
Standard Passenger Bus, $16 per seat plus $1.16 tax = $17.16.

1) choose your date (as of 9/30/18 all available seats are sold out).
2) send me an e-mail at and tell me your date and number of seats you want.  Or call me (Scott Colborn) at 402-770-8604.
3) I'll respond promptly.
4) You'll either send me a PayPal payment, or, you'll drop a check off payable to Scott Colborn to a location in Lincoln that I will give you.

You may purchase single tickets, multiple tickets or  blocks of tickets using PayPal or via check.  Seats are non-refundable and are good only for the  single date purchased.  General seating - your purchase gives you a seat  but does not reserve a specific one.  Limited seating so children and  adults are the same price.  Parent or guardian must accompany minor  children.  Please - no toddlers, infants or babies.  Family friendly  event - absolutely no alcohol on the bus.  Anyone appearing to be  intoxicated will be asked to leave the bus with no seat refund.

Boarding Instructions

Location to board the bus and important boarding instructions.
Unless  otherwise noted, the bus will begin boarding passengers who have  purchased seats in advance, at 6:45 pm, at the Indian Village Shopping  Center parking lot, 13th & Arapahoe, Lincoln, NE.  The merchants who  have stores there welcome your patronage before the tours and might  even have some specials for you if you mention the tour.  They request  that you park along the street or in the middle rows of the parking lot.
The bus leaves promptly at 7 pm and will not wait for late people. 

Is there a half-way break during the tour?
Yes.   The bus stops about 8:20 pm at Raising Canes or other establishment for a bathroom break and snacks at your expense.  You are welcomed to bring  the snacks and beverages back on the bus so we can depart in a timely  manner for the second half of the tour.  Finally we will arrive back at  the parking lot at approximately  10:10 pm. For extra comfort on the  standard bus, bring a small pillow or cushion for the bench seats.  The  Deluxe Motor Coach has individual seats that are very comfortable; it's  an over-the-road type bus. 

Absolutely no alcohol on the bus.  Anyone  appearing to be intoxicated will be asked to leave with no ticket  refund.  No babies or toddlers.  Children are welcome with at least one  parent or guardian.  All ticket sales are final. This is a  family-friendly fun time !  Boo !

Would You Like To Do A Private Tour?

We  can do a private chartered tour anytime of the year for you and 49  friends or associates?  Contact me and I'll give you suggestions and  ideas to fill the 50 passenger white bus with A/C for your private  tour.  Or perhaps you'd like to ride in style in the deluxe motor coach  (approximately 42 passengers plus up to two wheel chair positions).   When people hear of your plans to do a private chartered Ghosts of  Lincoln bus tour, you'll fill your seats quickly.  A fun "thing to do"  when in Lincoln for your meeting, convention or as an alternative to the  company picnic!  Personnel managers - this is a fun activity for your  employees and their families.