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Reviews from Tour Participants


  • 2018 Reviews and Comments

    "Wonderful experience. " Bambi, 10/31.
    "Hi Scott,  thanks for the great tour last night. " Craig, 10/31
    "Had a great time! ."  Linda, 10/31.
    "Enjoyed the event tonight & hope to do another one next  year. Wonderful event. Thank you" Cheryl, 10/30.
    "Thank you so much for the  ghost tour. I enjoyed it immensely. " Janice, 10/30.
    "Hi Scott, thank you  for another exciting tour last night. " Jim, 10/23.
    "Hi Scott,  Thanks for the awesome tour last night, my dad and I really enjoyed it." Dylan,  10/23.
    "This was a great time spent with family. " Jen, 10/21.
    "My 3  family guests and I enjoyed your ghost tour on 10-10-18. Second trip for me,  first for them. And please, please — Write Your Book!" Mr. Anonymous,  10/21.
    "Hi Scott –  Just wanted to thank you again for an enjoyable & fun ghost tour last  night!  It just gets better every year!  J. and I had a lot of fun! Thanks again  for making the Halloween season so SPOOKtacular! " Jan,  10/13.
    "Thanks for a fun evening!" Jayni, 10/13.
    "Had a  great tour.." Stacey, 10/11.
    "Fun experience and the stories are entertaining. " Jen, 10/11.
    "My sister  and I went last night, it was fun, interesting and some great stories. the coach  was comfortable and the rest of the group with us seemed to have as much fun as  we did. I love history." Karen,  10/5.
    ”Dear Scott. I know we were a quiet crowd. But I had much to think about as far  as paranormal activity. Been very skeptical mostly. But a couple of your stories  I can’t get out of my head. The coppersmith’s tale for one. I feel he was  touched by a spiritual being. An angel if you will. But that story is going to  stay with me a very long time. Thank you again for sharing your research and  your gift of storytelling. We will be back. We were quiet but don’t think we  were not appreciative. Thank you so much.  A great night for ghost  stories.” Sharon, 10/5.
    "Love Ghost of Lincoln Tours." Terri, 9/13.
    "Great  storytelling!!" Claire, 8/31.



  • 2017 Reviews and Comments

    "A great storyteller using sincere and respectful dialogue to explain what people have experienced." Lynette, 10/27.
    "The tour was great and we will be back next year. " Sherri, 10/26.
    Hi Scott!   We were on tour tour last night and loved it! I have referred my boss here  at work and was wondering if you have 2 deluxe bus tickets left for any other  nights.  Please let me know dates if available.  We really enjoyed the tour! Dee, 10/24.
    "Really enjoyed the tour last night! Can't wait for next year." Judy, 10/21.
    "Loved  the tour tonight!  Thank  you so much! Michelle, 10/19.
    "Hi Scott, D. and I enjoyed this evening's tour with you." Karen, 10/19.
    "Thank you for the interesting stories... Fun time." Vickie, 10/18.
    "Thank you last night was so fun!" Morgann, 10/18.
    "Scott, once again thank you for putting on such an entertaining and informative  event. C. and I both had a great time, and what a great group of folks on the  bus.  Thanks to you, your daughter and our wonderful bus driver for a very  enlightening, and fun  evening." Jeff, 10/18.
    "Another great year of Ghost Tours, I brought my 12 year old for the first time  and she absolutely loved it. Great to hear those new stories as well, thanks again."  Aaron, 10/17.
    "Thank you for another great time this year! Laura, 10/13.
    "I surely enjoyed the tour last night and might go another year since it seems  the stories vary." Elizabeth, 10/5.
    “It was loads of fun thanks Scott, Melissa & Ms  driver!!!" Ellen, 10/5.
    "S. and I went on this tour for the first time. Scott is a master story  teller. His radio voice is easy to listen to which made the stories and the  mysteries fun. If you don’t have tickets, do not  delay. I think he said it is filling up as usual. Thanks Scott for a most  interesting and enjoyable evening. The deluxe bus was comfy too."  Claire, 10/5.
    "My husband and I took your ghost tour of Lincoln on Tuesday evening. It was  great. You are a wonderful storyteller.  Thanks  again for a wonderful evening." Sue, 10/5.


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