About Us

Our 20th Year !

 The Ghosts of Lincoln bus tours  have been conducted for many years.  We board the bus, drive around  Lincoln locations and I tell lots of ghost stories about those locations  and many other Lincoln area ghost stories ! Unique aspects of Lincoln's  history are also mentioned.  As many of these locations are private  property, we do not get off the bus and walk around or through  locations.  The Ghosts of Lincoln bus tours are an an annual tradition  for many of our participants.  One woman usually rides with us 5+ times  each October.  She says the stories are always interesting and she picks  up different things each time she goes.  Part of our success is hearing  from you regarding your own ghost - use the contact page to send your  story and information.  It could be part of the next tour !  See the  Press and Media page for articles on the Ghosts of Lincoln bus tour. 

The Tour

Family friendly tours;  children are welcome with at least one parent or guardian.  Absolutely  no alcohol on the bus; anyone appearing to be intoxicated will be asked  to leave the bus with no refund of ticket.  Please - no babies or  toddlers on the bus.

All ticket sales are final and only good for the date purchased.
The  Ghosts of Lincoln bus tours:  The regular bus holds 50; the deluxe  motor coach seats 42 people in more comfortable seats and can allow (2)  wheel chairs. 

Where to board.

By advance ticket sales; the buses board at the Indian  Village Shopping Center parking lot, 13th & Arapahoe, Lincoln, NE,  starting at 6:45 pm.  The bus leaves promptly at 7 pm, and returns to  the parking lot at approximately 9:40 - 10 pm.  We take a half-way break  at a local restaurant or coffee shop to allow people to use the  bathrooms (no bathrooms on the regular 50 passenger bus) and purchase a  snack at their own expense.  Choose your date and type of bus!  Note  that there is a motor coach (bigger, more comfortable seats) that will  run on some nights and the motor coach has two wheel-chair spaces.  The  regular bus we use for most of the tours is not wheel-chair accessible.   You must specify your request for a wheel chair space at the ticket  launch. 

Join Us !

 Our official 2018 Ghosts of Lincoln bus tour ticket vendor is omt Divine Women's Resale.
Ticket launch:  Monday August 27th, 2018, doors open at 10 am.
1725 Van Dorn, Lincoln, NE, 68502.
402-423-2066, ticket launch hours 10 am - 4 pm or until sold out.

Please support and patronize our official ticket vendor - omt Divine Women's Resale !  Their website for more information is 
http://www.omtdivineresale.com/ .  Say hello to Melissa Colborn while you're there ! 

The fan page on facebook for the Ghosts of Lincoln Tours is here:
Come join us !