Our 20th year for the Ghosts of Lincoln bus tours !

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Scott Colborn and his daughter Melissa Colborn are your tour guides.  Scott has 20 years of experience being associated with the Ghosts of Lincoln Bus Tours. He's been collecting ghost stories and paranormal experiences since 1974 and is the storyteller.   Melissa serves as the navigator helping the professional driver with the route, and is our greeter and hostess.

The Tours

As of 9/30/18 all seats are sold out.

Our official 2018 Ghosts of Lincoln bus tour ticket vendor was omt Divine Women's Resale, at 1725 Van Dorn, Lincoln, NE, 68502. 402-423-2066.  Thank you to those great folks at omt !

On the tours we feature two types of buses, a professional driver, and lots of ghost stories as we drive around Lincoln locations.  We have a lot of fun.  It will even be better with you !!!

Tell me your ghost story !

Does the story  take place in Lincoln?  Who, what, when, where, why?  Was it a single  experience?  Have you had more than one encounter?  All of our sense can  interact with a ghost or apparition - did you see, hear, smell, feel or  sense the presence?  Do you have any witnesses besides yourself?  I'll  keep all names confidential if you wish!  Make your story as rich in  detail as you can...and your story may be part of the Ghosts of Lincoln  bus tour !
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